We’ll Fight it and Enforce You Your Rights to Bear Arms.

Often, applicants for Florida Concealed Carry Permits/Concealed Weapon Licenses, don’t get what they pay for when laying down $100+ for their license processing: the application doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and often denials result for invalid reasons.

It rarely comes to this. Everyone misplaces a decimal or forgets to balance. In the old days, they’d just give you an embarrassing call and you’d rush down and pay them; or just mail it back because it’s so embarrassing that you’d jump to correct it. And then, of course, never go there again because you’re so humiliated and feel like a liar. Isn’t that what we used to do? Unfortunately, today’s consumers aren’t quite as embarrassed by it anymore, and so today’s big businesses want their money, yesterday, and often are quick to file criminal charges to force immediate payment. Sometimes, you’re the last to even know, because these warrants are not high-priority for law enforcement. But, an arrest warrant is an arrest warrant, and a concealed carry permit denial is one of the least painful ways to find out. Still, an experienced attorney can fight it and get your rights enforced.

Contact me so Noel so he can set it straight.