Noel H. Flasterstein Takes on the Daily Show and offers himself up for a good-natured lampooning of recent legislative wins for Florida gun owners. Prohibitions for medical practitioners are important for a number of reasons, which are neither trivial nor humorous. First and foremost, these medical records about patients (and perhaps their firearms) are maintained in a permanent, searchable way never before possible, owing to the Healthcare Portability and Privacy Accountability Act (HIPPAA), and provisions of various other public laws, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”). In fact, the Obamacare law itself contains clear guidance to specifically prevent healthcare providers from turning patients healthcare records into firearms ownership records.

Noel on “The G Word”.

The fight against a national firearms registry becomes moot when it is possible for physicians to accidentally generate a defacto gun registry, simply by making the inquiry during a checkup or inoculation, and then keep and maintain these records in perpetuity. Not unlike other ongoing political fights, such as over abortion, and other highly-politically charged national policy matters, there are always attempts at end-runs around the constitution: Firearms ownership is an absolute right guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Put simply, a “Right” is just that: the right thing to do. It’s above question, and requires no justification or defense.