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CCW/CWP Denials

Concealed carry permits (CCW or CWP) can be difficult to obtain. Often a simple administrative hiccup, clerical error, or plain case of mistaken identity can block your application. Once blocked, they can take serious effort to unblock. We know the ropes, and will get you your rights.

Firearms Purchase Denials

Firearms purchases are subject to the same scrutiny as carry permits. Often, purchasers are surprised and worried when an old unknown citation or issue long thought closed is discovered. We'll help you navigate through and get your purchase completed.

Criminal Firearms Charges

Facing actual charges is the worst possible situation to be in, with mandatory minimums, social pressure, stress, expense and personal embarrassment, as well. Don't go it alone. We can guide you through to the best possible outcome.

Castle Doctrine & Self-Defense

Self defense cases can be the most unnerving. Often, whether because of politics or random chance, victims of crime who defend themselves successfully, or sometimes unsuccessfully, can become a target of opportunity. Call us first to steer you through this difficult time and avoid pitfalls.

Our Gun Law Defense Firm’s Difference

There are many Law Firms that claim to represent “The People,” Fight for Justice,” and “Protect your Rights.”

At the Law Offices of Noel H. Flasterstein, P.A. your “Rights” are our “Rights” as gun owners, an Injustice upon You is an Injustice upon US. Any infringement on your Right to Keep and Bear Arms is an infringement upon our Rights, and we will tenaciously defend OUR Rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Unfortunately our Constitution is often misinterpreted, misconstrued, and sometimes even discarded by elements within our own government for the advancement of political agendas and policies.

The 4th Branch of Government

Most people believe we have three branches of government: That being the Executive (President), the Legislative (Congress), and the Judiciary (Courts). At the Law Offices of Noel H. Flasterstein, P.A. we submit to you that we have a Fourth Branch of government as intended by our Founding Fathers, that being US, the People, the Citizenry. And what gives us our “checks and balances” on the other branches is our Right to Vote, and what gives our Right to Vote any meaning or substance is our Second Amendment Right to “Keep and Bear Arms.”

The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment is the cornerstone of our American Republic without which our Nation would not exist today. How else could our founding Fathers have fought off the tyranny of the British Empire if it was not for their belief and acceptance that every individual has a G-d given right to self-defense and a “Right to keep and Bear Arms” in furtherance of that defense.

Gun Control is not only unconstitutional, but it runs afoul of very principals and ideals of our founding Fathers. Contrary to the statements, beliefs, and positions held by Gun Control advocates, Gun Control is not designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals; it is designed to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens by criminal elements within our government. Enemies of our Constitution, and yes we have such enemies within our government, enemies who view our Constitution as an obstacle to their Personal Agendas and the implementation of their Public Policies: and hope to ensure that anyone with whom they disagree is calculatingly deprived of the means to defend themselves.

We Protect Our Rights

At the Law Offices of Noel H. Flasterstein, P.A. we fight for You, for Us, and for all Americans who believe and respect our Constitution — Simply put, Protecting your Rights Protects our Rights as Gun Owners.

I’m Attorney Noel H. Flasterstein, your attorney for life, for every firearms law need you have. Whether you need assistance smoothing a firearms purchase from an FFL, are currently facing a gun-related charge, have been involved in a difficult and stressful self-defense situation, or just have general questions, I’m here to assist.

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