Often, clients who need a lawyer for firearms-related issues have been refused or declined the right to purchase a gun at a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) or gun store. They want to find out why their rights have been refused, and fix the problem as soon as possible. Others have applied for a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP/CCW) or license for the Carry of a Concealed Weapon and had their application denied. Either can be a very frustrating situation to be in. But, there’s certainly no reason to get upset or worried.

The application process for a firearm purchase or concealed weapon license is mostly automated, and it doesn’t take much to cause a rejection. The reasons for this are varied, but concealed carry permit denials or rejections are usually due to errors or mistakes in processing the application, which can be cleared up by providing a few supplementary documents. Simple misspellings or mis-matches in information can trigger red flags in the process and slow it down, or cause an outright denial or rejection to be issued for a pending request for a firearm purchase. It can be a shock, and even embarrassing, but there’s certainly no reason to be alarmed. When these are due to misunderstandings, they are usually ironed-out very quickly.

However, on other occasions, the assistance of a lawyer knowledgeable in firearm-related laws may be required. Sometimes these can simply be situations of mistaken identity, and it may take some work to straighten out. Often, pending litigation or cases of past criminal charges, complaints, closed cases, or situations where charges have been filed or dropped, but have not been properly closed by the courts can create issues. It may take competent legal counsel to get these addressed.