The Gavel or the Gun?

Protecting Each Other

The law is only as good as it is just. A government can be trusted only insofar as it fears its people. Without fear of its people, a government begins a slow slide into the abuse of its power… and its people. The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution has been called a “disposability clause”: If and when the government of the United States ever ceases to serve and respond to will of the American people, firearm ownership ensures that such a government will be short-lived.

Today we enjoy freedom and prosperity

By and large, our constant vigilance ensures that we live in a free society, with our basic, cherished freedoms intact… for the most part; Truly, to make doomsday proclamations, and suggest that the time to exercise this disposability clause is here, can be viewed as a bit, well… kooky. True enough, if you think in broad strokes, and look at America through binoculars. From a distance, our fight for firearm owners’ rights keeps government honest. But, don’t be fooled. When viewed through a microscope, there are individuals locked in battles for their lives right now. People who may be just like you. Or actually be you:

  • Homeowners forced to defend their families.
  • Business owners attacked in their homes.
  • Citizens accosted in their vehicles.
  • Americans being denied basic constitutional rights by government overreach.
  • Free people added to blacklists without their knowledge, and without opportunity for appeal
  • Hard working people facing down a jury, after surviving a violent attack.

Like a frog in a pot…

Slowly, over time, the small, individual defeats of honest Americans who exercise and defend their constitutional rights begin to affect us all: their unjust treatment becomes codified in caselaw, celebrated by opponents of the constitution, and little by little becomes “the norm.” And when the sad day comes when a disregard for the law becomes the norm, the law becomes the enemy. Pray we have the means to resist it.