Florida CCW/CCP Concealed Carry License/Permit Denied?

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Often, applicants for Florida Concealed Carry Permits/Concealed Weapon Licenses, don’t get what they pay for when laying down $100+ for their license processing: the application doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and often denials result for invalid reasons.

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Past Arrests with No Result

Often courts don’t properly close proceedings when litigants have met all the court’s requirements (and of course paid all the fees). Old cases, long-resolved but still showing as active can cause an immediate denial of a concealed carry permit. So, if your CCW/CWP application was denied, that’s not the end of the story. Call the office today.

Surprise Arrest Warrants

Surprise! You’re wanted by the law. The surprise is how often it happens. Failure to appear for something as inocuous as a traffic ticket, or failing to answer a summons long-forgotten, out of state, or even a clerical error that shows an outstanding warrant when none exists. That puts the kibosh on concealed carry permit processing, but is usually simple to remedy with an attorney’s help. Carrying a firearm is a right, and your rights should be fought for. Contact us for help in appealing your CCW/CWP denial.

CWP Denied to... Soccer Mom?

“I’ve never been in trouble with the law! Do I look like a criminal? I’m a soccer mom! I hold Tupperware parties, for Pete’s sake! And they denied me a concealed carry permit? I know what kind of agriculture the Department of Agriculture must be smoking…” If that’s how you feel, an attorney can help tease out what the problem could be, and get it addressed. Look at the other bullet points here and take your pick — there are many reasons for a concealed carry license denial. But, that’s not the final word. We can help you get your concealed carry permit.

Kinda-Sorta Dropped Charges

You paid the fine, plead no contest to the traffic charge, and your nothing charge disappeared forever, sparing you the embarrassment of a permanent criminal record… kinda. Some clerk didn’t quite get the memo, because the paperwork never quite got the judge’s signature. We can help make it right, and get you back on track.

Terrorist Paranoia

Also known as “No Reason At All”. Let’s face it, it’s a dangerous world out there, and we’re all happy that law enforcement is out there making things uncomfortable for the worst bad guys. Buuuut…. sometimes they cast a wide net. No-Fly lists, Terrorist Watch lists, and more are assembled with a “shoot first” mentality. Often, people ranging from grandmothers in nursing homes, infants given an unfortunate name, fictitous people like Mickey Mouse (who actually voted in 2008… 181,000 times) and even the long deceased can find their way onto these secret government lists, without due process of law. Usually, they’d never know it… until they try to step onto a plane or purchase a firearm. A competent attorney can push for due process and remediation of these errors.

Identity Theft

Oh… how we all long for the days when identity mixups were the comical (though frustrating) result of honest errors. Today, identities are bought and sold by organized criminals, and the result can be far worse than discovering that you’re upside down and defaulting on a home across the country you’ve never heard of. There could very well be a dangerous criminal running from the law right now, who gave YOUR name and address when arrested, or floated $100,000 is bogus checks and has an arrest warrant in nine counties with your name on it. You get the idea. But, as stated elsewhere, EVERYONE says, “I didn’t do it.” An attorney can put this to rest for good.

Bounced Checks Blocked CCW/CWP Application

It rarely comes to this. Everyone mis-places a decimal, or forgets to balance. In the old days, they’d just give you an embarrassing call and you’d rush down and pay them; or just mail it back because it’s so embarrassing that you’d jump to correct it. And then, of course, never go there again because you’re so humiliated and feel like a liar. Isn’t that what we used to do? Unfortunately, today’s consumers aren’t quite as embarrassed by it anymore, and so today’s big businesses want their money, yesterday, and often are quick to file criminal charges to force immediate payment. Sometimes, you’re the last to even know, because these warrants are not high-priority for law enforcement. But, an arrest warrant is an arrest warrant, and a concealed carry permit denial is one of the least painful ways to find out. Still, an experienced attorney can fight it and get your rights enforced.

Concealed Carry Denied for Mistaken Identity...

It’s very common that mistaken identity is the cause of your concealed carry license (CWP) denial. Not all agencies do their due diligence when identifying people. Law enforcement agencies can rely on mug shots, fingerprints, and holding people behind iron bars until they’re identified. But other agencies? Even government agencies? Usually, they take people’s word for it; But, as our web developer knows (The State of Hawaii tried to stick him with someone else’s Child Support payments for about a year — name not even quite the same), they don’t always get it right, and the Michael Jackson “…The kid is not my son…” routine is the rule, not the exception. Get an attorney and make them pay attention; it may be a quick and easy process for an attorney to fight your Florida CCW/CWP denial.

Childish Exuberance

Never got a little nutty? Well, you’re in the minority. It’s a wonder any of us made it to twenty-five without prison tats, what with all the shenanigans we pulled. And looky who ended up a lawyer??? There are some shocked folks out there, to be sure. Today, maybe you’re a pillar of the community who could stand up 50 fine respectable citizens to defend you from anything on your character alone. But, maybe at nineteen, you just took the felony charge, suspended sentence and walked away feeling lucky… for some silly thing that anyone with a sense of humor would better characterize as good, clean fun, rather than a felony.

Civil Disobedience

The law isn’t always right. 50 years ago, a bunch of folks toured the entire country seeking nothing more than getting blasted with fire hoses, beat up by cops, and locked up. Today, those are our nation’s most revered heroes. Similarly, particularly on college campuses, people often seize the opportunity afforded by the energy of youth, conviction of waning adolescence and real righteous indignation, throw a fist in the air and shout “Hell no, we won’t go…”, not realizing that trespassing is trespassing, and they were simultaneously opting out of democracy and civil rights, like voting and firearm ownership… for life. It can be fixed. Call Us. The right to bear (literally, to carry [fire]arms), is an absolute civil right for all Americans, no more or less vital than free speech, freedom from search & seizure, voting, the right to a trial by peers. Be a civil rights hero again, and hire an attorney to fight for this important right today.

Random Factors

That’s the “X-factor”. Every case is different, and the high-speed automated processing of Concealed Weapon Carry Permits is more consistent with making things easy on the government than on honoring your Constitutionally-protected right to bear arms. An attorney with the know-how to navigate the system is the best way to get your rights respected.

Legitimate Charges

We saved this one for last, because it’s unlikely. But, it happens. Bad things happen, and sometimes we’re not judged so fairly. Everyone drives too fast, and maybe you’re the one being asked to pay the price.

Bearing Means Carrying.

Ownership is insufficient. Carrying is the right that is protected.

Make no mistake: “Carrying is Bearing.” And, nothing short of that is the full exercise of your Constitutionally-protected right. No matter what the reason, protecting your right to bear arms is our primary focus.

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Tipping the Scales

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly. Sometimes, they’re stuck in a rut. It’s our job to tip the scales in your favor, and press for your civil rights. And make no mistake, legal carrying (“bearing”) of a weapon (“arms”) is a civil right. It’s your right.

Experienced Firearms Law Attorney

Nothing cuts through red tape like a skilled attorney who deeply understands firearms-related legal issues. I can guide you through this process and get your full rights.

I’m Noel H. Flasterstein, your firearms attorney. Protecting your firearm rights is my top priority. The primary thrust of my legal practice is in the issues related to firearms ownership, carry, licensing and acquisition. Contact me today for help with your firearms-related legal matter.

My expertise is in the full spectrum of firearms law issues, including everything from Florida concealed carry permit (CCW/CWP) denials, firearm purchase denials, restoration of civil rights after a conviction, Castle Doctrine/Stand-Your-Ground (SYG) matters, as well as criminal defense for gun-related charges, and even civil matters such as unlawful dismissal suits when employees are illegally terminated for exercising their legal right to carry a firearm.

I’m not just an attorney, but a concealed carry advocate, shooting enthusiast, and your champion when you need a partner to fight for your civil rights. And make no mistake, the right to bear arms is an undeniable civil right, co-equal with freedoms of speech, press, and the rest of our American civil rights. Contact me today for assistance.

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